Happy Tuesday!! :-)

Happy Tuesday everyone!! :-) 

Though I would show some different ways of how one of my artworks starts out as a paint and ink drawing and how I use it and revisit it multiple times…just a little peak into my mind and the way I create some of my art…this is just one version…..the possibilities are endless!! :-)
Anatomy of a Heart - revisited


Happy New Year!!!

Wow-I can't believe it's already 2013!! The time passes by so quickly…last year was a great learning year. I've spent most of the year fine tuning and attempting to perfect some of my illustration, textile, and digital art skills. Loving all of my new licensing partners!!! :-)
Here are just a few of my latest designs for DenyDesigns.com


Art Addicted!! :-)

Oh My….These days I can't even sleep without dreaming of creating new designs and wake up WAY to early to get started!!! These are just a few of my new artworks….


Starting Fresh!!

My art has been going through so many changes lately I thought it was time for a fresh new post and blog refresh!! :-)

So many new exciting things have been going on in this past year!!  My art is now licensed with a few awesome companies that are producing beautiful products using some of my designs.

This is a link to my art on Deny Designs which creates beautiful home decor items.    DenyDesigns.com   

"Layers of Whimsy"